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Hi George -

First of all I would like to say congratulations with your new plugin – it’s excellent! I’ve used similar plugins before and have recently been using the Auto Link Genius Plugin, which is not great but has a fairly good basic SEO overview, for example:

- Use of keyword in title

- Use of keyword in H1 tag

- Use of keyword in H2 tag

- Use of keyword in H3 tag

- Use of keyword in first sentence

- Use of keyword in last sentence

- Use of image in Post

- Keyword in Alt tag of Image

- Link to External Page

- Outbound link to an Authority Site

- Keyword in URL

- More than 400 words of Content

As you know, your plugin covers all these plus quite a few more criteria points.

I also really like that the KW density setting can be manually altered (not so in Auto Link Genius, where it is set to a static 2 – 3.5%). Adding a list of secondary LSI keywords is also a great idea!

Another feature I like is the ability to see the primary keyword and SEO score directly in the pages listing. This is a great way to get a quick overview of how well the entire site is optimized.

I’ve tested your plugin on several WP sites and everything appears to be working as it should. I have also tested using the most recent WP 3.2.1 build on the latest Catalyst Framework (1.3.4) and found no problems whatsoever. Most of my WP sites are highly optimized and contain quite a complicated backend setup including several other plugins. So far, I have found no conflicts at all. Good job!

Kindest regards,

Chris Freeman

“Nice and intuitive”

Hi George,

It’s always nice to beta test your products , here’s my first impression:

- plugin installs and activates flawlessly

- nice and intuitive

- once I updated with a keyword input, appeared the list with all the tuning possibilities: nice

- the scoring seems to be accurate regarding the different tweaks I’ve made

Despite the tweaking possibilities the plugin is lightweight and doesn’t slow down the site.

Well you made another nice plugin George.

All the best.

Eric Koch

“A very useful tool to any one serious about blogging…”

Hi George

Thanks for the chance to check out your new plug in.

What I’ve done so fare.

I’ve installed it onto three blogs and the advantages I’ve seen are most impressive. It shows clearly where the seo of the post is coming up short, allowing for any improvement that might be needed to be done before the posting so that the benefits of the SEO are achieved.

Thanks again for letting me try the plugin. I can see that it would be a very useful tool to any one serious about blogging.


Milton Reid

“being a newbie this plugin has shown me how to improve my posts and seo score…”

Dear George

I can honestly say that the Seo Scorer will be a huge benefit to me, being a newbie this plugin has shown me how to improve my posts and seo score. I look forward to seeing my revamped sites improve there keyword ranking.


“can see already how valuable this will be”

Hi George,

I just got started with the plugin and can see already how valuable this will be. Being able to see right away if your post is keyword “rich” or, “keyword correct” is a better term, in an easy to read and follow format is awesome.

There is so much to think about and put into action and this plugin has really streamlined the “where to put good content in my post” and made me aware of lots I hadn’t thought about.

I’m looking forward to putting it to use with every post and see how my rank performs in the search engines.

James Black

“very easy to use…”

Hi George

I have had one of my outsource workers using the plugin one one of my new sites, and this is what she says about your plugin…

“I personally like the plugin, since it is very particular with the SEO stuff on article content and it’s very easy to use.

I think that this is one of the most effective SEO Plugins that I have used.”

Aihra – Web developer

And personally I like it because…

“I can quickly and easily see if my employee has optimized pages, and what still has to be done”

Richard Hargreaves – Melbourne, Australia.

“Excellent plugin!”

Hi George

Excellent plugin! Easy to install, and gives great guidelines on how to optimize your posts for the search engines. There are some suggestions for post SEO that I didn’t know about, so I’ve already learned quite a bit from it. I used it on a post I had on my blog, and it had very low SEO score, but by following the suggestions on the plugin, I quickly had it up to well over 60%. Aiming now for getting my post SEO even higher!

Audrey Harvey

“I really love this plugin.”

I really love this plugin. It makes the optimization of the website contet very easy and takes care, that you dont forget anything to get the full SEO Max out of the post. Every single point of SEo is checked in your post, so that it is nearly a no brainer. You cant forget anything to optimize.

What i espacially love on it is, that the function to suggest secondary keywords. This can really help you if you maybe dind’t thought of oter keywords and find new ones for your page.

I had already some different SEO Tools installed but this one here is absolutly my favorite now.

Best regards

Tobias (Warrior Forum)

“I have used many wordpress plugins that target SEO but none that optimizes to such as degree as this plugin…”

I have used many wordpress plugins that target SEO but none that optimizes to such as degree as this plugin. You are going to get all the information as you write your article or make a post. The keyword density, LSI’s and other simple tweaks that will rank your site better. If your site is based off of articles then this is a great way to get some quality onsite SEO done.


software248 (Warrior forum)

“is going to make a lot of peeps happy out there…”

Before I installed the SEO Scorer plugin onto my new site, I loaded in a new article that I thought was pretty well optimized. I already had another plugin that I ALWAYS use, and I was pretty happy with the optimization. That was, until I installed this plugin. What I thought was good turned out to be pretty mediocre!

The SEO Scorer showed that this article was 46% optimized with only 1.3% keyword density…DOH! It didn’t just give me stats though, it gave me a full checklist of things that I got right and things that needed to be done to up the ante! Went through, hit update and voila 72% optimized and 3% keyword density. The added benefit of the secondary keywords suggestion function is a real bonus especially for keywords you may not have thought of.

Well done George, another great tool and one that I’m sure is going to make a lot of peeps happy out there.

imagene (Warrior forum)

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